10 Visual Examples of Pointillism – Pointillism Artist’s

10 Visual Examples of Pointillism – From the Past to the Present:

Here is just a visual list where I’ve selected 10 past and present day examples of pointillism based artwork to help give you inspiration to try this technique for yourself!<

Original Pointillism Artist’s:

Georges Seurat

“Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte” (1884-86)<

Paul Signac

“The Papal Palace Avignon” 1900<

Henri-Edmond Cross

“In The Shade” (1902)<

Maximilien Luce

“View of the Seine, Night” (1893)<

Charles Angrand


“Couple in the street” (1887)<


Neo-Pointillism Artist’s:


“Doom Looms” 2015<

The Neon Mystic – Tony Graystone

“Cosmic Ganesh”<

Tyler Epe

“Prying Open My Third Eye” (2015)<

Pablo Jurado Ruiz

Brezinski Ilya



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