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The Message – Earth’s Ascension, Sacred Knowledge

The Message – Earth’s Ascension, Sacred Knowledge

Earth’s Ascension, Sacred knowledge was my third pointillism art piece created thereafter Cosmosis Pine Cone (formerly known as: All is One, One is All).

I was inspired to make this piece from all the various forms of Sacred Geometry I’ve discovered in learning. It’s not just around us but what makes us into being, and everything we interact with. Specifically with the Flower of Life, itself is one of my favorite sacred geometries among the rest, second to that would be the Fibonacci Sequence. Which is why I wanted to illustrate those geometries into this art piece.

Upon my experiences in this Earthly form, I’ve come to realize that Sacred Geometry is the fundamental building blocks of the entire Cosmos! There’s no doubt about it! When putting it all together side by side it made a lot of sense, especially after I seen this image illustrating sacred geometry from start to finish, from the macro of the Universe to the micro of Us. Everything contained within this image are following the exact same procedure from start to finish. I find it very interesting to see it all laid out in this way, that there is a code written to the existence of everything in the Cosmos and it all follows suit with one another. It just goes to show how connect everything really, really is!


But sacred geometries aren’t the only thing one can see in this art piece I’ve created. The Earth itself is a focal point here, included with wings very similar to what one might describe as a “Winged Disk”. A winged disk was something I found very intriguing within the studies of ancient civilizations of our world. It probably has more than one meaning from culture to culture and person to person than anyone could ever count on one hand but I wanted to express the Earth with wings as if flying through the Cosmos.

The Platonic Solids surrounding everything in this illustration are mere representations of the elements that make up the Earth and as well the Cosmos from which it came from. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Ether or Space (Universe). This is what makes the Earth whole, these are the building blocks of our home. You could say it’s very Alchemical!

Lastly for this bit you’ll see in the bottom left side of the piece sit’s Metatron’s Cube. “Metatron’s Cube is a two-dimensional geometric figure created from 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. Six circles are placed in a hexagonal pattern around a central circle, with six more extending out along the same radial lines. (sourced from Metatron – Crystalinks)” If you were to over lay all of the Platonic Solids over one another, they’d make up the shape for Metatron’s Cube which I found amazing to my eye’s!


“Earth’s Ascension, Sacred Knowledge” ’15 © Kyle Redding


I hope you enjoyed this article as well looking at my Earth’s Ascension, Sacred Knowledge. If this at all has sparked you interest in learning more about sacred geometry, fibonacci, metatron’s cube or even wanting to try out pointillism I highly encourage you to start learning & creating!

– Kyle Redding

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Cosmosis Pine Cone – The Fibonacci Sequence

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Cosmosis Pine Cone – The Fibonacci Sequence in the Pine Cone

The Fibonacci sequence can be found everywhere in nature, it is Life’s grand numbering system. Before I found myself involved with sacred geometry, I had never before recognized the Fibonacci sequence in anything! When I reflect upon how I used to see it as only a living conscious being, I realize how I never really saw the sequence of pattern in the structure.

“Fibonacci Sequence”

It can be said that all things in life from plants to the bee’s creating a hive don’t know about this sequence but I like to think that everything actually does. All of creation in this world and outside of it is made by some intelligent design, however you want to call it something spectacular has taken place here and has been since the emergence of everything.

With that said we live in a reality that’s constantly growing and in order for growth everything needs awareness. Plants are just aware of themselves as the bee’s are when building their hive. They may not have a central brain system as intricate as ours and that’s because for what they are they don’t need to. They make do with what they’re capable of being and creating for the order of things. Certainly there is some code embedded into everything and it all works in the same way no matter how independent one thing can be from another.

If everything in life follows the fibonacci sequence then there was an awareness “code” pre-programmed into the all. The plants and the bee’s are aware with a sort of organic intelligence as the same goes for us. Anything living has a sense of itself, it’s other selves and the environment. It’s essential for survival and growth.

Take for instance the scales of the pine cone. From looking at it’s bottom there is an array of scales spiraling out from it’s center and all the way up to the top of it. The pine cone is like an organic pod full of pine tree seeds. In order to ensure the ever continual life cycle of the great pines the cones are packed with a lot of seeds! When it’s time to sow the pine cone will start to open up and however the seeds may fall or burst out of the cone they find themselves into the soil and when the proper conditions for growth happen pine trees start to emerge. It’s cyclical and as for now never ending.

“Pine tree located at West Fork of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona”

The way the pine cone is designed with the fibonacci pattern comes natural yet specific for it’s process in the service to propagate. It’s the best design for it and how it distributes the seeds. Earlier I mentioned that “in order to grow everything needs awareness” and this applies to the pine tree. The pine tree is aware to repopulate and within the function of the pine cone this is how it grows. There is an intelligence at play. Awareness = Growth.


“Pine tree located at West Fork of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona”

I’d like to now get into my second pointillism art piece that’s based off the pine cone design. The inspiration for the Cosmosis Pine Cone came about when I was outside and picked up a cone. While looking at it I visualized the center a sort of eye as a central consciousness for itself not separate of the tree it fell from. Within each scale that holds the seeds were another set of individual consciousnesses of the tree that that make it all one. Whichever seeds are to  grow is part of the life fractal system of the pine tree ever growing and continuing it’s journey. It’s just as simple as that and why I created this piece as gratitude to the pine tree for everything it is. I’ve always felt deeply connected to the pines and find them to be a very wisdomis tree, surviving on this earth for what’s claimed to be 140 million years! They were around when the dinosaurs roamed this plant, of course among other trees too but when I look at the pine itself I feel within a knowing that it’s an ancient spirit here with us.


“All is One, One is All – Cosmosis Pine cone” ’15 © Kyle Redding

I hope you enjoyed this article as well my Cosmosis Pine Cone. If this at all has sparked your interest in learning more about sacred geometry, fibonacci and even the pines or even wanting to try out pointillism I highly encourage you to start learning & creating!

– Kyle Redding

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The Seed of Life Mandala – My first Pointillism art piece of Sacred Geometry

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The Seed of Life Mandala – My first Pointillism art piece of Sacred Geometry:

The Seed of Life. What is the Seed of Life you might ask? If you’re not already aware of esoteric knowledge or even know what that is then you might not know what the Seed of Life is either and that’s completely understandable. Most people are unaware of such thing and I didn’t know at one point in time also.

The “Seed of Life” as it’s called is an ancient geometric symbol.  This symbol consists of seven overlaying circles consisting the same diameter.  Six of those circles are equally spaced within the seventh, producing what appears like a rosette with eighteen lens shaped petals like that of a flower: six smaller ones on the inside and twelve larger ones on the outside.

This figure can be easily created with a compass tool.  Starting with one base circle and then measuring the circle with the compass to keep the same diameter then adding a second circle by placing its outer edge at the center of the first one.  After those two are placed a third circle would be added, aligning to both circles centers.  This continues a cyclical pattern seven times until you return to the original circle thus creating The Seed of Life.

This symbol can be replicated in six different directions, which will create an interlocking web of circles and rosettes.  This version constructed from nineteen circles you see below is known as the “Flower of Life”.

The flower of life is another sacred geometrical shape composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlaying circles arranged in a flower like pattern with six fold symmetry like that of a hexagon. Another name for this symbol is called the “Fruit of Life”.

The Flower of life is said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. It is a visual symbol expressing the connections life weaves through all conscious beings and is the base figure of sacred geometry.

By now in mind you should be able to understand how the Seed of Life is constructed as well turning into it’s ultimate form the Flower of Life. They’re both truly beautiful symbols, fun and easy to make! They’ve defiantly gained a lot of popularity over the years, while the information might still be underground these symbols are easy to find almost anywhere! 

So why did I make my first pointillism art piece about the Seed of Life? Well for starters about four years ago, back in 2014 I stumbled upon an artist on Facebook who was using pointillism with Sakura Micron pens. I hadn’t seen them before and pointillism was also new to me. Immediately I was magnetized to this form of artwork. I just had to get my hands on a set of these pens and try it out for myself!

“The Seed of Life Mandala” ’15 © Kyle Redding


The image seen above was my first pointillism piece of the Seed of Life in a Sri Yantra style type mandala box. As I’ve said before this symbol was easy to create and that was the first reason why I started out with it. The second reason was my enjoyment and passion for sacred geometry, after studying this ancient knowledge over the years I wanted to create something I loved.

It only took me one attempt at making this. With a new set of Sakura Micron pens, a compass tool and a ruler at hand I began crafting this amazing creation.

Artistically and spiritually combined when I look at this piece with my own perspective, I’ve realized this creation was more than just a symbol in itself but also a symbol within it’s name that was the seed of my artistic life. It was the stepping stone leading me to where I am now as a person and an artist. I’ve evolved from here starting out as a little seedling to the next stages of flowering and even then I’m still ever expanding in the multi-directional space artistically.

I hope you enjoyed this article as well my Seed of Life Mandala. If this at all has sparked your interest in learning more about sacred geometry and or even wanting to try out pointillism I highly encourage you to start creating!

– Kyle Redding

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