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The Message – Earth’s Ascension, Sacred Knowledge

The Message – Earth’s Ascension, Sacred Knowledge

Earth’s Ascension, Sacred knowledge was my third pointillism art piece created thereafter Cosmosis Pine Cone (formerly known as: All is One, One is All).

I was inspired to make this piece from all the various forms of Sacred Geometry I’ve discovered in learning. It’s not just around us but what makes us into being, and everything we interact with. Specifically with the Flower of Life, itself is one of my favorite sacred geometries among the rest, second to that would be the Fibonacci Sequence. Which is why I wanted to illustrate those geometries into this art piece.

Upon my experiences in this Earthly form, I’ve come to realize that Sacred Geometry is the fundamental building blocks of the entire Cosmos! There’s no doubt about it! When putting it all together side by side it made a lot of sense, especially after I seen this image illustrating sacred geometry from start to finish, from the macro of the Universe to the micro of Us. Everything contained within this image are following the exact same procedure from start to finish. I find it very interesting to see it all laid out in this way, that there is a code written to the existence of everything in the Cosmos and it all follows suit with one another. It just goes to show how connect everything really, really is!


But sacred geometries aren’t the only thing one can see in this art piece I’ve created. The Earth itself is a focal point here, included with wings very similar to what one might describe as a “Winged Disk”. A winged disk was something I found very intriguing within the studies of ancient civilizations of our world. It probably has more than one meaning from culture to culture and person to person than anyone could ever count on one hand but I wanted to express the Earth with wings as if flying through the Cosmos.

The Platonic Solids surrounding everything in this illustration are mere representations of the elements that make up the Earth and as well the Cosmos from which it came from. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Ether or Space (Universe). This is what makes the Earth whole, these are the building blocks of our home. You could say it’s very Alchemical!

Lastly for this bit you’ll see in the bottom left side of the piece sit’s Metatron’s Cube. “Metatron’s Cube is a two-dimensional geometric figure created from 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. Six circles are placed in a hexagonal pattern around a central circle, with six more extending out along the same radial lines. (sourced from Metatron – Crystalinks)” If you were to over lay all of the Platonic Solids over one another, they’d make up the shape for Metatron’s Cube which I found amazing to my eye’s!


“Earth’s Ascension, Sacred Knowledge” ’15 © Kyle Redding


I hope you enjoyed this article as well looking at my Earth’s Ascension, Sacred Knowledge. If this at all has sparked you interest in learning more about sacred geometry, fibonacci, metatron’s cube or even wanting to try out pointillism I highly encourage you to start learning & creating!

– Kyle Redding

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